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I talk to some of the most interesting people in Japan about their experiences and advice to live a full and rich life here. Fascinating conversations every two weeks.


Teachers are Failing Our Students

We as educators are failing our students on an unacceptable scale. Young men and women are leaving school not knowing ANYTHING functional about the world. Why don't we teach them anything AT ALL about MONEY? Why don't they know the difference between financial assets...

Close to the Surface

Understanding the human experience academically and scientifically is undeniably valuable. The more we learn about the human body and mind, the better our medicines, our cities, our devices, our food, and our technologies become. The problem is this isn't all there...

A or B: “Agree” or “Better”

We frequently find ourselves listening to stories from our friends about things that happen in their lives. They might tell us about a coworker who joined the company at the same time, but somehow thinks they are "better than us" and act like they always have the...