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Charlie’s Blog

I’m a Brit living in Japan and writing here about Freelancing, Business and Psychology.

A New Thought Process for Climate Change Deniers

Hurricane Harvey has opened up the debate on climate change again, but a lot of people are denying the effects of climate change and global warming. While some scientists are claiming that man-made emissions have intensified the hurricane, a lot of people are not...

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The Circle of Technology

This century has already seen some of the most incredible changes to human behaviour in our history. E-mail and the touchscreen device has taken over our entire existence, with hours of each day dedicated to consuming something, anything, from a doodad in our hands....

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How to be an Entrepreneur: Start by Freelancing

If you want to be an entrepreneur but are struggling to build your asset, try freelancing first. On this day 1 year ago I went part time at my job and started working on my own businesses. By part time, I mean 6-20 hours a week with 1 to 3 part-time jobs here in...

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Why BlueHost Sucks | A Brutally Honest BlueHost Review 2017

If you're looking for a web hosting service, I implore you to stay the hell away from BlueHost. I signed up with Bluehost at the start of 2016 on the recommendations of many of the business blogs I follow: Pat Flynn, I think Tim Ferriss used to, and so on. It was...

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Don’t Be Afraid to Sell, You Filthy Sellout!

As soon as the opportunity to make money comes about, suddenly people get all scared. "What if people call me a sellout?" "What if they don't like what I make?" "What if they leave a bad review and ask for their money back and ruin my reputation." Guess what, all of...

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Who Cares What You Do – Show Me How You Do It

There is a huge movement going on now in commercial products, services and creative industries. Show your customers how it is done. People want to see where it comes from. This is true in just about any industry you can think of, and it's a real asset to a team who...

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You know what’s cool? A billion hours

The YouTube Blog announced that we watch 1 billion hours of videos per DAY. This incredible figure is just the start, I believe. As businesses learn how valuable video is to growing their customer base, this is going to become an even bigger platform. Just you wait...

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Smartphone Addiction

It seems everyone is dead set against our technological gadgets but at the same time using them constantly. "Isn't it terrible how kids are using their phones all the time?" said every Facebook post about the topic. Instead of jumping to fear-mongering, let's at least...

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