Teachers are Failing Our Students

19th June 2020

We as educators are failing our students on an unacceptable scale.

Young men and women are leaving school not knowing ANYTHING functional about the world. Why don’t we teach them anything AT ALL about MONEY? Why don’t they know the difference between financial assets and liabilities, or about debt? Why don’t they understand what science is, not just chemistry, physics or medicine, but SCIENCE, the hypothesis model of testing and bias removal that is the very FOUNDATION of our globalised world?
I think it’s because teachers know almost NOTHING about those things themselves. We are failing our students because WE ARE FAILURES of the system who believe that our job is to teach subjects or even “values” rather than to give children the tools they need to become functional and capable adults.
The wealthy elites in society definitely teach this stuff to their kids and have a vested interest in making sure that the society at large doesn’t understand financial assets, the fractional reserve banking and the REAL reasons that inequality is increasing at a rate that makes no sense if the system was designed to elevate capable people. If people were educated about this, they would see how the whole system is balancing on a tightrope that is looking about ready to unravel and drop the whole thing any day now.
Teachers are a part of that system and we have an OBLIGATION to first educate OURSELVES on the realities of the water that we swim in, so we can better prepare our students to be LEADERS. We and, by extension, they need to recognise that the water needs to be cleaned and changed, and be able to affect that change backed by sound understanding and tools rather than simply joining the latest outrage mob that knows something is wrong but has no idea what or how to fix it.



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