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About Waffle Hour

Waffle Hour’s founder, Thomas, comes from Belgium and as this is the prime waffle country in the world, naturally waffles have been a part of most of his life. All recipes that are being used to produce our treats are family based, making our waffles as traditional as it gets.

Having lived in Japan since 2012, our founder noticed the lack of authentic Belgian waffles in the country. That is why he decided that it was time to share his love for Belgian waffles with the Japanese. It is Waffle Hour’s aim to provide the people from Japan with an authentic product and we, at Waffle Hour, give the highest priority to our product, the ingredients and the machines we use to make our waffle dough and bake our waffles.

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Waffle Hour is specialized in the manufacturing and supply of waffles to food businesses in Japan.

We produce our own waffle dough based on our founder’s family recipes. We use selected ingredients provided to us by outstanding food supply companies in Japan. The dough balls are hand rolled to optimize the quality. Our waffles are baked in the best machines imported from Belgium. Waffles are packaged one by one ready to be frozen. After being frozen, the waffles are packaged in boxes and ready to be shipped to our partner businesses.

All our partners have to do is reheat the waffles in a toaster oven, add the preferred toppings and serve them to their customers. The taste will be just as if freshly baked.

Serving Style Ideas

Fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, vanilla ice-cream, strawberry coulis and strawberry flakes.

Vanilla ice-cream,  Belgian chocolate fudge banana and chocolate cookie topped of with cocoa powder.

Fresh raspberries, raspberry coulis, powder sugar and mint.

Vanilla ice cream caramel, grated almond and mint.

The Finest Waffles in Japan

Coffee Bean

Real Ingredients

Coffee Bean

Uncompromising Flavour

We are confident that you will find our waffles to be the finest in Japan. Get in touch and order below.

Find us at Belgian Beer Weekend!


Osaka: 7/11 - 7/21


Osaka Castle Park, Taiyo-no-hiroba






Nagoya, Japan