This is it; I’m making a commitment to doing something for the next 100 days that will help me move the needle for my business and personal goals.

100 days is a perfect amount to really test myself, as it isn’t short like a month where I can just struggle through it and then at the end move back to old habits. I’ve been inspired by Maya P. Lim’s Design meets Writing blog¬†and her committment to 100 days of writing, with some really incredible insights on a daily basis. I know that if I commit to the same thing, I’ll stop hiding from success and make myself form the habits that will make a difference, not only in my life but in the lives of the people I seek to serve.

I’ll be updating here publicly on my blog with my progress, documented and measured, to make sure that I am doing what I need to be doing to make the impact I want to make. 30 days in I will also reassess and see if the work I’ve been doing is actually helping me reach my goals, or if I need to reassess the time I’m spending and put it into something else.

1: 100 Days of Showing Up

For the next 100 days (from December 4th to February 27th) every day I will:

This is what I believe it will take to make a difference. Sitting down to do the work every day, like Steven Pressfield says in his book The War of Art, is what you need to do to win. If I do this, even if the work I produce isn’t the best, I am sure that the quality of my work will increase and I will start to see more success in both of these businesses that are very important to me and the people I seek to serve.