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Cancer is directly linked to sugar – Fats don’t make you fat.

2nd November 2016

Sugar is in everything now. I remember as a kid when everyone was trying to reduce how much fat they were eating. It’s funny, right? Because fats don’t make you fat, sugar does!

I live in Japan and I started to realise a long time ago how so many of our behaviours are linked to our language. In Japanese, “fast” in food are 脂肪 (Shibo-) but a fat person is ふとい. It’s a different word, and until very recently and the adoption of a lot of popular American style foods there hasn’t been any drive to have 0% fat foods that are laden with sugar. Coincidence? I think not.

So because of this push to avoid fats to avoid… ahem… getting fat, we are now fatter than ever.

My goal now has to be to remove sugar from my diet as much as possible. Eating vegetables and unprocessed meats will surely be better than continuing eating this addictive substance. I’ll keep writing about it here, and recommend you make some steps to avoid sugar as much as you can as well.



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