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Don’t Panic – Seek More Information

19th March 2019

We’ve all been there: something bad happens and we start to spiral thinking of all the horrible possibilities.

For me today that was leaving my bag on the train. I got off and was halfway to the supermarket before I realised I didn’t have my wallet because it was in my bag.

I ran back to the station attendant and tried to explain in Japanese that I’d left my bag on one of the train carriages. They called ahead and checked the train car after it had reached the 終点 (end of the line). It was still on the train. This is Japan. Nobody touched the bag and when I went to pick it up it still had my wallet with over $200 in cash inside. Such a wonderful country I live in.

The thing is, though, that while I was waiting for them to call back saying they had found the bag, I was in a panic. My wallet also has my residence card and my bank cards, and my books with all my work on my new coaches copymarketing course and my international perspectives curriculum in it. I even called my bank to cancel my card, but then I hung up before I made it through to a human (not as short of a time as you might think).

All of a sudden I wasn’t panicking anymore. I realised I was in a downward spiral and what I really needed was more information. There was nothing I could, or should have done before I found out if my bag had shown up at the end of the line. So I waited for the call telling me they had my bag and to come and pick it up.

So next time something bad happens and you find yourself spiralling, ask yourself if you just need more information.



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