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Joy, Flow and Balance Improves Your Business

31st March 2019

When you’re happy with your work it has a big effect on your life. The opposite is just as true.

People talk about work life balance but for me the two are so intertwined that I don’t find that distinction helpful. It’s much more helpful to think about when I have joy and flow in my life and when I don’t, because those are the times I notice the biggest difference in my business and in my life.

There’s a quote from the bible (I’m not religious but I think this has weight) that is commonly misunderstood, but I think it is a way of describing the law of attraction:

“To those who have, more will be given, and from those who have not, everything will be taken.”

When I am happy, more happiness comes. When I am depressed it’s easy to spiral and make things worse.

This month I have been doing so many things: teaching, creating my coaching course and workshops and enjoying my social life with many new friends. It just seems to keep getting better and better, and it’s because my attitude has been positive, even in the face of some negative events.

Abundance is everywhere if you want it to be.



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