Our Outrage is Short Lived

6th November 2016

Every day I see people posting causes on Facebook.

“The bees are dying, we need to do something. Like and share.”

“Look at this picture of a child from Syria after his town was bombed. Like, comment and share.”

I’d like to argue that Twitter and Facebook activism does NOTHING to solve these problems. 100 million shares and everyone talking about the bees, but do we stop consuming? Do we insist on removing dangerous pesticides from crops to prevent that? Do we email or call our MPs or Congress members (for our US friends) to tell them how important this issue is or try to make a real change?


Awareness isn’t the problem. People are aware, they just don’t care enough to make a change in their own lives or put real time and effort into making a difference!

Just like and share, that’ll fix it.



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