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We Don’t Need More Factory Workers

30th October 2018

I’ve pictured myself talking about education on the TED stage before. This video was me after 30+ takes, and I’m looking for more opportunities to do more public speaking for change. Enjoy!

Who am I trying to Change?

I am trying to reach teachers who feel uneasy about what they are teaching at school, and realise that we need to be thinking more deeply about what we are teaching and why. These are teachers who realise that there is something wrong or missing from our education system, but haven’t found the place where they can start making changes in order to serve their students better. These are passionate teachers who know that they could be doing better, but don’t feel like there is a way for them to do so in the current system that only prepares students for exams and to follow instructions, not to do what makes their eyes light up. Like most teachers those “aha” moments are what I live for, and the teachers who I’m trying to change live to see that too.

What Change am I seeking?

I want to see an education system that truly serves the needs of our students. They are coming out of school completely unprepared for the world, because we are still preparing them for factory jobs. Work hard, do as you’re told, keep your head down, don’t make any mistakes or we’ll have to stop the line, which costs money. I want to see an open school where students talents and skills are nurtured, because in the information age doing something you are passionate about is the best way to find truly fulfilling work. I want to see schools teaching their students that being an all-rounder won’t help them do the best job they can do. I want to teach children that the safest thing to do in this economy is not to keep your head down at a job that makes you want to jump in front of a train, but to follow your passion, guided by teachers, parents, coaches and the community on what you can do that provides the most value in the world and to yourself.

Let’s stop judging fish on their ability to climb trees, or squirrels on their ability to swim.



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