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Shocking, but a clear message

9th November 2016

The people have spoken, and they would rather have a man who defrauded people with a fake university, doesn’t pay any taxes on millions in earnings and has multiple accusations of sexual assault (which he bragged about) than a woman who mishandled her emails.

But what is becoming more and more clear here, after you get past the shallow and sweeping accusations of sexism and racism on the right wing, is that there are a whole lot of people who are sick of the status quo, and they would rather burn the system to the ground and screw everyone than have another politician for president.

Their wages aren’t rising, the costs of health insurance, homes and iPhones are increasing. The rich are getting richer and the little guys are being “forgotten” by the elite.

Most of these people don’t know that it’s going to be so much worse under Trump. They don’t know how to research, how to critically analyse what is said vs what is true. That “You’d be in jail” quip was a prime example. What he said was horrifying, and people don’t seem to realise that jailing your opponent after you win is what despotic dictators do. But people loved it, the reality TV, social media bubble world we live in now. 

I think Donald Trump will be an awful president, but nobody can deny that the system needs to change. Maybe next time around the rhetoric will change, and I hope to God the election cycle is shorter. We can’t handle years of this awful crap again.

On a final note, we are also learning that the liberals who called Trump supporters “stupid” will have to rethink their persuasion strategies, because clearly they are now in a minority in the US.



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