The Mentality of Making More Money vs. Scaling Back Lifestyle

1st December 2016

We’ve all come on hard times at some point.

When you first get to a point where you realise you won’t have enough money to keep going the way you are, there are ostensibly two things you can do.

1: Cut back, save money, austerity.

2: Make more money, progress and improve.

When I have found myself (recently in fact) struggling for money and wondering if I can make it through, I focus on making more money and doing more stuff, rather than cutting back. From a mental perspective, this gives me a hunger to succeed.

The alternative of not spending money and worrying about every penny, has a psychological toll of lowering my willpower and making it harder for me to take the opportunities I need to take.

So I focus on getting more, not forcing myself to scale back. It’s not like my lifestyle is extravagant anyway!



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