When to Fight and When to Move On

5th February 2017

There are numerous petitions cropping up to try to push the UK government to stay in the EU

This isn’t a good way to spend our time. The people already voted. Unless you get 31 million people from the UK to sign this (without fraud), this isn’t happening. And it shouldn’t!

A referendum is one of the few forms of direct democracy that most people will ever experience. We all voted on an issue rather than just a representative, and while I voted to remain I believe in the rights of all of the people. The majority voted to leave.

For the government to turn this around would be the WORST thing for our democracy. For a representative government to overturn the decision of the people… we wouldn’t be able to recover faith in our democracy, not for decades.

We have to accept it and move on, try to make the best situation we can for us and future generations to come. We can survive outside the EU, and we will. Fighting for a past that has already been decided will just make us all worse off.



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