There is a huge movement going on now in commercial products, services and creative industries. Show your customers how it is done.

People want to see where it comes from. This is true in just about any industry you can think of, and it’s a real asset to a team who are proud of the work they are doing and want to show off how it is done.

This live video of 2AM by Astrid S. is a perfect example. It is made so much more intriguing because you can see the musicians in the background, especially the drummer. You can see their programmed boards, and her vocal echo adjustments while they make the song. Check it out:

We want to know how the things we see are put together! It’s a natural curiosity of humanity, to understand the process of creation. This is why we are driven to create.

This guy doing his art in the street makes his product into something amazing. If you just see some art hung up with a price tag on it, you would probably just walk by. When you see his brush strokes and the creativity going into his work, you feel much more compelled to buy it.

Another great example is in food preparation. Seeing expert hands making this pour-over coffee, watching them work, is an honest and natural joy.

So when you make your business and launch your product, it is worth taking the time to show your customers where it comes from. Far from giving away your secrets, it will make your customers revere your product and appreciate the work, rather than just seeing a price tag and an outcome.