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Why Bad Things All Happen At The Same Time

30th April 2019

It’s so interesting that it feels like when bad things happen, they happen all at once. “When it rains, it pours…” as they say.

What’s that about?

One day you drop your phone and smash the screen, then your partner breaks up with you and you lose your job. It’s like the world is out to get you!

It’s easy to have cosmic paranoia and believe that the universe is doing this to you, but first take a step back.

Many of these events may be random chance, but it’s quite possible that you made some decisions that lead to less than ideal outcomes. Is there a way you can change your decision making process to learn from this? What are your instincts correctly warning you about and where are they reacting to nonexistent threats?

Really the chances are that things don’t all happen at once. It’s our mind that connects them to one another, and that thought process is something we have some control over. This is a great time for reframing.

What can I learn? How could this be a gift?

Maybe your phone screen smashing leads to you spending less time on your phone and feeling more connected to people in the real world. Maybe your partner broke up with you so you could learn what you need from a relationship. Perhaps it was just to free you so that later, when your ideal person shows up, you’ll be ready. And let’s face it, you probably lost your job because it wasn’t right for you, and there’s work out there that is more aligned with who you are.

Or you can spiral into cosmic paranoia…



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