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Why the Good Ol’ Days are Gone Forever.

4th November 2016

When you say something it has meaning. When you write something that has meaning that can be passed on.

Despite what people might think, the internet was not invented for cat videos and to share pictures of your pretty food on Facebook.

It was invented so we could share ideas freely, and make connections past the bonds of proximity. I don’t need to be in the US to work with someone there, because I can share my screen with them and show them what I’m working on, and they can suggest edits and I can do them. This is changing the world and most people are trying to make things go back to the safe olden days. Why? Why would you want to go back to a time when your average job could pay you an average wage and you could just be “secure”?

Well now we all know what being “secure” means. Security means getting laid off because you did what you were told and got the job done, logged your 9-5 but never made a difference to anybody.

The internet is here now, and what we say all over it has power. That’s why the average jobs are disappearing, because there are a lot of people not doing average work anymore. And that’s something to adjust to and embrace.



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