It’s not as obvious as it may first appear. The money doesn’t matter, in reality, to most of us who are angry at the bankers for causing the financial collapse of 2008.

I repeat: the money doesn’t matter. People only value money for what it can get us, but it isn’t what our hearts and minds really want, so when we are jealous of financially wealthy people, it isn’t the money that we really want but rather a whole host of other things (recognition, legitimisation, security and freedom from worry).

What really matters to us emotionally, and the reason we despise these people is that they threw those they were supposed to be protecting under the bus. They betrayed their co-workers and customers to save themselves and their money. This violates a very strong feeling within us all, that our community is important and that screwing people over is not right.

We all know people who make more money than us, but we don’t hate Richard Branson for being a multi-billionaire because what he does provides a service for other people. He earned the money he is getting and he did it while helping other people.

So, if you want to be rich and not be hated, just do it while helping people and sticking up for the people you serve and work with