The YouTube Blog announced that we watch 1 billion hours of videos per DAY.

This incredible figure is just the start, I believe.

As businesses learn how valuable video is to growing their customer base, this is going to become an even bigger platform. Just you wait until Virtual Reality really kicks in, there are going to be so many things going on with video on the internet.

I’m excited about the next step, when VR becomes cheap, even free. I’m expecting this from Facebook in the next 5 years, it just makes too much sense for them to get the platform out to everyone. When we all start having the ability to literally see the world through another’s eyes, think about the possibilities for empathy and cultural awareness we will have. Video already allows us to talk with and understand cultures and peoples we have never met, and lands we have never visited.

Don’t be scared, this is an opportunity to reach more people, impact their lives and make real change.